Meet BBBSLV SUmmer Intern Abrihet zegeye

​Where do you attend college, what year are you in, and what are you studying?

I go to Shippensburg University. I’m just starting my junior year this fall, and I’m a communications and journalism major with an emphasis in public relations.

When did you start your summer internship and what have your responsibilities been? 

I started on May 22. I helped promote the Corner Store Country Run that’s happening in September by going to gyms and health centers around the Lehigh Valley and delivering flyers to promote the event. I also went to a bicycling event and handed out flyers and talked to people who might be interested in the 5k race. For the All Programs Picnic, I did event planning and secured donations by going to grocery stores in the area to request gift cards that our nonprofit organization could use to buy food and the other items we would need for the event. I also booked the ice cream truck that was there and did some grocery shopping.

What have you learned from your experiences as a BBBSLV intern?

I’ve learned a lot during my time with BBSLV. I got a ton of hands-on experience and  learned all of the things that go into planning an event, which is lots of little details. I also learned to do some things out of my comfort zone, like ask people for money for donations, and it’s given me some added confidence.    
How will you use what you learned during your internship in your studies at college this year?
During my internship I got to talk with different people, and as a result I think my people skills have really improved. I will definitely be able to use this whether it’s giving presentations for classes or just in making new friends.

How do you hope to be involved with BBBS in the future?

Working with BBBSLV opened my eyes to the organization and what it does. I actually want to become a Big once I go back to school in Shippensburg and get to experience what that is like firsthand.