CorpORate sponsor profile – B. Braun

​Interview with Scott Quilty of B. Braun (second from left in photo below)

1. When did B Braun first become involved with BBBSLV. 

Nearly a decade ago. 

2. Why did the company choose to support the organization? 

As a privately held, family-owned global company we are dedicated to the mission of providing opportunities for children not only here in the Lehigh Valley but across the world. Big Brothers Big Sister’s mentorship of children and support of families, specifically in the Lehigh Valley, is a very important piece of who we are as a company.   

3. In what ways does B. Braun and its staff support BBBSLV and its many programs? 

Our employees have proven to be very enthusiastic towards the BBBS mission.Employees have played important roles every year in volunteering for Golf for Kid’s Sake and this year’s Corner Store Country Run. We have very ambitious participation each year for the Christmas Tree Holiday gift-giving event. We have current and past Bigs at B.Braun, and we are very supportive at a board level and with our financial giving.   

4. What is the company’s philosophy on supporting the community, and what does the company receive from it? 

B.Braun is heavily invested in the Lehigh Valley with its employees and infrastructure. It is a company of motivated people and many talents. Participation within our communities is an integral part of the B.Braun philosophy in an effort to offer our expertise in a manner that will benefit others. As a result of that interaction, we are in a better position to assist great organizations like BBBSLV.

5. What is the most important thing that B. Braun staff have learned from their support of BBBLSV? 

We have witnessed a tremendous capacity for giving and generosity.  t is simply amazing to see how quickly the children’s wish tags disappear from the Christmas tree each year. It is a regular occurrence each year to make a call to BBBSLV to secure additional tags for the children’s gift-giving event. Adding company-wide commitment to our employees’ generosity provides a strong foundation for the BBBSLV/B.Braun partnership.