Meet Maurice Laster of BossPunk Apparel

Why did you found BossPunk? 

BOSSPUNK was founded because I was once a victim to bullying and attempted suicide a the age of 14. My love for comfortable apparel is what inspired the brand as well. Ninety percent of the time you will see me wearing very comfortable clothing such as tees, hoodies, hats etc. I knew that I wanted to create a brand that had substance, meaning, and a way to give back. Bullying and related suicide deaths to bullying has more than doubled over the past 5-10 years in the U.S. alone. 

How does the BossPunk brand help to fight bullying and build awareness for it?

BOSSPUNK helps to fight bullying and build awareness though our relevant and meaningful design concepts that speak out against bullying. Our concepts evoke raw emotions that compels people to be mindful of bullying, look out for it, and to help.

How do you promote your anti-bullying message in the community?

Through our website, social media platforms, community business partnerships, being a vendor at community venues for business organizations, nonprofits, schools and colleges in our communities.

How can people get involved with and support your work in our community?

By purchasing our apparel, wearing and sharing our ‘We Speak Purple” message on your personal or business social media platforms, advocating in our communities and donating to our cause. The more support BOSSPUNK gets out, the more work we can do in our communities to help speak out against bullying.

How is BossPunk working with BBBSLV and their Littles to fight bullying and help kids that are experiencing it? 

BOSSPUNK works in partnership with BBBSLV to create activities within their organization and the community to help educate their Littles and Bigs on how to speak out against bullying and not be a bystander because you may save a life, a friend, or even a dream.