J.P Mascaro supports BBBSLV with eitc donation

A great way for local companies to donate to Big Brothers Big Sisters Lehigh Valley is through an EITC donation. The Pennsylvania Educational Improvement Tax Credit Program allows businesses to receive a tax credit when they make a donation to a nonprofit organization that offers educational improvement for low income families and children. 

We interviewed Mari Mascaro-MacDougal of J.P. Mascaro, a recent BBBSLV EITC donor, on why her company is supporting us:

How long has your company participated in the EITC donation program and who have you donated to before? 

We have been contributing to scholarship organizations through Pennsylvania’s EITC program for a decade now. Our support expands across hundreds of schools. This was our first year supporting Education Improvement Organizations. We assisted approximately 40 organizations through it this year, including education funds, organizations that support individuals with disabilities, environmental awareness programs and programs supporting arts and culture. 
Why did JP Mascaro select BBBSLV as the beneficiary of its EITC funds? 

We chose to support BBBSLV because we feel its vision is consistent with the charitable philosophy of J.P. Mascaro & Sons to partner with organizations that are making a difference in the lives of children and the community at large.   
Have any of your employees been personally involved with the Big Brothers Big Sisters organization previously as a Big or Little? 

With an employee base of over 800 people we have past and existing employees that have been involved with the Big Brother Big Sister organization. We also support several branches of Big Brothers Big Sisters with contributions to various fundraising efforts. 
EITC donations help to fund our High School Bigs Program. Why is that an initiative you want to support, and what do you hope will come out of it for both the Bigs and Littles involved? 

Our funding is directed toward benefitting organizations whose goals and objectives are consistent with ours. While we don’t determine precisely how each organizations allocates their funds, the High School Bigs Program is a wonderful opportunity that will build character and provide meaningful experiences for both the Bigs and Littles who participate.