Indoor activities for Bigs & Littles

During the cold winter months of the school year it can be easy for Bigs and Littles to run out of activity ideas. After-all there are only so many rounds of Uno or Connect Four that can be played! 

Here are some activity suggestions that might help shoo away those winter-time blues.

Check out the headlines of the latest newspapers from around the country.
Best and Worst moments of the day.
Keep a journal.
Research and talk about famous people who used their abilities to get ahead.
Make greeting, get-well, or holiday cards to give to other people.
Make your own board game.
Look at a map and talk about places you would like to visit.
Look at age appropriate magazines read the newspaper, including the want ads.
Play sports in the gymnasium.
Work on the computer in the media center.
Use post-it notes to write down all the things you like about yourself, like to do or would like to learn how to do, etc.
Write stories together.
Do a jigsaw puzzle.
Talk about the best things and most challenging things from the prior year or first half of the school year and what you’ll do to overcome challenges this year.  Build a model.
Bring in a photo album, and share pictures of your family, house, and pets.
Discuss favorite hobbies.
Read the same book and talk about your favorite parts.
Write a letter to a former teacher, a cousin or relative in another community, an old friend, the editor of a local newspaper, etc.
Tell your Big/Little about your work and how you reached your position.
Complete a resume together.
Give your Big/Little a job application to complete.
Administer a career interest inventory.
Offer interviewing ideas and discuss proper dress codes for work.
Discuss creative ways to make and save money
Discuss the college selection process and entrance examinations.
Ask the questions for the driver’s license test.
Listen, listen, listen.