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Cristal is a friend of ours from way back who needed some help. Her son, Jayden, like many young people his age, was struggling. He was trying to find his way despite having autism and social anxiety – a difficult combination for anyone to manage. He tended to pull away from friends and family because it was more natural for him to turn inward as a place of refuge. Cristal knew though, that this was not the ‘best Jayden.’ The best Jayden would share how wonderful he is with the world and fulfill his highest potential.

Considering how to help Jayden, Cristal thought of two people who made the biggest difference for her during her most challenging times. They were the two Big Sisters she was matched with, Julie and Courtney from BBBSLV when she was 9-18 years old. She knew if anyone could, BBBSLV would find the perfect Big Brother for Jayden who could help him discover his amazing value, that it is okay to be himself, and that he can trust others who care about him.

Today, we are asking that, if you are able, please consider strengthening BBBSLV with a financial gift to support our mission. So much of what we do relies on the generosity of our neighbors. Your gift will give more Littles the chance to connect with caring adults and help young people like Cristal and Jayden who just needed the support of a Big to understand how much value they possess.

Since their match, Greg has helped make a dramatic difference for Jayden, and Cristal is so happy that BBBSLV is here to help her son, just like it helped her. She said, “I see the same excitement that I had when my Big Sister arrived when Greg comes to pick Jayden up. He is so excited to try new things and was open to being the featured as a Little at the Golf for Kids’ Sake tournament. He overcame his shyness and was able to share his experience as a Little Brother in front of a room full of people! We were all so proud of him!”

Those years ago, Julie and Courtney could not have known that spending time with her to read books, go places, and make sure Cristal felt like the most important kid in the world was helping her so much. She was going through things that no child should experience, but by being a Big Sister to Cristal, they helped her to overcome. Now a loving mother with children of her own, Cristal works with children by providing a safe space for them. She knows that Julie and Courtney’s care and support changed her life for the better, and her special relationships with her Big Sisters led her to connect Jayden to BBBSLV and his own Big, Greg. But, without the support of our generous donors and volunteers, this connection may never have happened.

The relationships between Bigs and Littles improve young people’s lives in ways that reverberate through the generations. Your contribution will help a Little to become an adult who loves and cares for others, ensures that BBBSLV can continue its important work, and may even help mothers and sons and fathers and daughters share similar life-changing experiences.

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