Congrats to all the 2022 BBBSLV graduates!

Big Stories 2022 - our graduates
Big Stories 2022: Little Santos addresses the audience, as Big Tony looks on.

As the 2022 graduation season comes to a close, we’re celebrating all of the new graduates who are connected to BBBSLV – including the outstanding students we recognized at our Big Stories 2022 event on May 25 at the BBBSLV Youth Mentoring Center!

This year’s Big Stories theme was “A Night of Inspiration,” celebrating the achievements of graduates from the class of 2020 through 2022 and acknowledging high school seniors as well as undergraduates for their academic achievements.

Big Stories 2022
Big Stories 2022: Big Briana and Little Deanna
Big Stories 2022
Big Stories 2022
Big Stories 2022: Big Tony and Little Santos

The BIG surprise of the night was that donated an additional $2500 to the BBBSLV scholarship fund! Those dollars went to five graduating high school seniors who were awarded scholarships based on financial need and merit: Thanks to’s gift, they each received an additional $500. Thanks so much to Amazon this thoughtful and generous gift – our graduates are sincerely honored!

We also thank our Big Stories 2022 Gold Sponsor, iHeartRadio, for partnering with us to share the unique and inspiring journeys of our Bigs and their graduating Littles. With their help, and contributions from community members like you, our matches were able to share their stories with a broader audience and hopefully make a Bigger impact on our community!

We’re inspired by all our recent BBBSLV graduates, including Littles as well as Bigs from our High School Bigs program – like Hemani Patel, who plans to major in biomedical engineering at the University of Pittsburgh in the fall.

“I would encourage someone to become a mentor through this program because we are given the opportunity to directly change someone’s life from an early age,” Hemani said. “Also, after being a part of this program for a longer period of time, it is extremely rewarding to see the growth in your Little throughout the years and it’s exciting to realize that you are a part of it.”

Please join us in celebrating all of these graduates! And if you’re able, check out how you also can support BBBSLV’s mentoring programs, or learn how to become a Big like Hemani.