bigs in blue

Thanks to the generous support of the Bethlehem Police Department, Big Brothers Big Sisters of the LV has paired up students at Marvine Elementary and Broughal Middle School with police officers from their community. 

Over the past two weeks, and in the coming weeks, each Officer who has signed up, has gotten to meet, or will be meeting their Little Brother or Little Sister. The matches get together every other week over lunch or after school. Through the program both the officers and BBBSLV hopes to continue to build trust between the community and the local police department. Each officer has shared that they are excited to be a part of this new initiative and looking forward to making a positive impact in the lives of students in their community. Over lunch and through games and activities, as well as time spent on homework, the officers have opportunity to show their Little that they care about them, want to give them hope for the future and the skills they need to succeed in school and life.  

Big Brothers Big Sisters is grateful for the support of the Bethlehem Police Department and for allowing their officers to take time to mentor in this way.