A Bright Future for Gage

June 2020 was an exciting month for Little Brother Gage and his Big Brother Jason, as June marked Gage’s graduation from high school and even the impact of COVID-19, couldn’t take away from the excitement and celebration of this achievement for Gage, who is blind. 

jason gage mask

Gage and Jason met in 2013, after Jason, a former Little Brother, had indelible impressions of the program and knew he wanted to volunteer.  Jason has always told BBBSLV staff,

“I knew I was in this for the long haul. So Gage was 11 when we met, and I knew I would be his Big Brother for at least 7 years.  Even now, I’m not going anywhere, and he will always be my Little Brother.  I plan to continue checking in on him when he is at college.” 

Over the years, the match has engaged in many active events, such as participating in the Mikayla’s Voice Tri for Inclusion, a triathlon for children of all abilities, and thrilling events, such as attending a Giants/Cowboys game (Gage is a Giants fan and Jason is a Cowboys fan!).  But truly the real magic in the match has been the times when Jason was there to listen and support Gage as he navigated childhood or simply showed up on the sidelines of the countless football games or track meet. 

Gage has told BBBSLV staff that Jason is such a good role model because he always listens to Gage, and listens without reacting right away.  He talks through situations with Gage and always gives good advice.  The future is bright for Gage, as he heads off to college to begin to pursue his dream of a degree in sports management.