The Story of Yoleiny and Wyntre

In July 2019, Big Sister Wyntre and Little Sister Yoleiny were matched based on a mutual love of horses. Yoleiny’s mother, Nayelis, had initially contacted BBBSLV to provide her daughter a form of escape, while providing her a great foundation for growth.

When Yoleiny found out that Wyntre had a love for horses, she was very excited. The pair shares a passion for animals, and Wyntre has had horses in her life since she was 12 years old. Wyntre and Yoleiny immediately hit it off when they met and have continued their relationship through different outings.

Although initially shy, Yoleiny’s personality has grown – as Wyntre would note, “it is really cool to see her enthusiasm. It is just so refreshing and fun to be around.” Now the pair’s relationship has blossomed, and Yoleiny feels comfortable talking to Wyntre about the things going on in her life, whether it be about friends, her family or school.

Throughout the match, Yoleiny experienced how to care for horses, such as cleaning and brushing them. On one of their outings together, Yoleiny helped Wyntre walk the horses around her property in the moonlight – a special experience neither will soon forget.

After being matched for over a year, Big Sister Wyntre and Little Sister Yoleiny have strengthened their connection. Wyntre notes the impact being a Big has on her: “It’s really nice that she enjoys spending time with me, and the whole experience has been very rewarding.”

This summer, Yoleiny was able to fulfill her dream of horseback riding with the help of Wyntre. The first ride went smoothly, and Yoleiny showed no fear as Wyntre guided the horse around her track.

Nayelis can see the strong bond between Yoleiny and Wyntre and is happy her daughter has another individual supporting her. “Wyntre is heaven-sent and the perfect Big for Yoleiny. When she returns from outings, it’s just pure joy – and she wears it on her face.”

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