Waiting List Club becomes Littles2B

Making mindful, quality matches between volunteer Big Brothers and Big Sisters and children in our community is at the heart of what BBBSLV does every day. We know from years of experience that it’s the best way to make successful, long-term matches that will have a greater impact on the lives of the Littles.

Presently there are more local children waiting to become Littles than we have Big volunteers to match them with. Two years ago we formed the Waiting List Club which allows these kids to come together once a month for enrichment activities and to interact with the BBBSLV staff, adult volunteers, and each other, and from it many new matches have developed.

But since Big & Little matching is an active and ongoing process, we felt it needed a new name that better describes how this monthly event is preparing these kids to become Littles through a group mentoring approach. So the Waiting List Club is now becoming Littles2B!

Thank you to Wells Fargo for supporting Littles2B with a $15,000 donation!